“RELAX” - For Deep Sleep & All-Day Energy

🎯 Energy to Get Up & Go

Sleep supplements leave you groggy in the morning. Energy supplements cause a major crash later on. "Relax" does neither because it balances out your natural energy levels so that you wake up feeling motivated and maintain that feeling throughout the day.

🛌 The Best Sleep of Your Life

A good night's rest is important for every function of the body including mood, muscle repair, and hormonal balance. Relax will help you make the most of the hours that you do get, so that you have deep, restorative sleep.

🧟 Feel Good With Less Coffee

Not having your coffee shouldn’t be an excuse to feel like death. With Relax you can enjoy coffee if you like it, but not because you can’t survive without it.

😁 Less Stress, More Joy

It’s not just “in your head”. Stress is a physiological state. “Relax” will act as your armor, not allowing Cortisol and Adrenaline to ruin your mood.

💳 100% Money-Back Guarantee

You're going to love the way you feel, I guarantee it! If for any reason you're not happy with your purchase I'll promptly issue a full refund. No hassle. No questions asked.

"I feel like a train, nobody can stop me... that's the type of energy I have today!" - Alan Belcher (UFC Star)

"I wake up in the morning ready to go like I just drank a coffee or a Redbull."- Jeremy Friedland (Entrepeneur)

"I track my sleep every night and my deep sleep has improved dramatically since I've started Dr Stern's Relax. It has been a game-changer."- Stan (Active US Marine)

And Health Experts Love It Too!

Dr. Kerry HigginsPsychotherapist & Holistic Health Coach"I have been taking Dr. Stern's Relax and I love it. I think there are so many healing benefits that this formula has that others don't. It's clean and its subtle but powerful. You don't wake up groggy or with that weird lethargic feeling. I have been recommending this formula to many of my health coaching clients that struggle with sleep. The correlation between sleep and mental health is undeniable!"

Jolene Goring CCNClinical Nutritionist & Celebrity Wellness Coach "I've tried other formulas where I wake up still feeling sleepy but with this formula I feel AMAZING when I wake up. Relax really helps to synergistically balance the emotional, mental, and physical stress. Definitely give it a try!"

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