Benefits Of Herbal Extracts

Posted by Dmitriy Godzin on

Interviewer:    Why do you use herbal extracts in your formulas?

Dr. Stern:    So, in all of my formulas whenenver I can use an extract, I use an extract, and this is the reason why:

There's a study done that shows that turmeric (even in the highest quality powder) might only have one to three percent curcuminoid
So, what makes turmeric so amazing at reducing inflammation? Curcuminoids. That's the main ingredient, right? So, if curcuminoids are the main ingredients at reducing inflammation, and you buy this big jar of powder that only has one percent curcuminoids, then really you're not getting much of the active ingredient that reduces the inflammation.

All herbs function that way. Everything has an active constituent that really makes that herb super powerful.

So, my joint formula, I use a turmeric that's standardized at 95 percent curcuminoids.

My resilient immune system booster, I'm using Astragalus extract, Olive Leaf extract, Oregano extract, and Echinacea extract.

So, whenever I can use an extract to really guarantee that the person isn't just getting a powder and that they're actually getting the true constituents that make that herb so special, I'm going to do that.