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Multi - Vitamin/Mineral & Organic Phytonutrients

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Proudly Made in the USA
Proudly Made in the USA
100% Money-Back Guarantee
100% Money-Back Guarantee
Over 51,093 Happy Customers
Over 51,093 Happy Customers


  • Energy Production Support - B-vitamins play essential roles in many important functions of your body, including energy production, nervous system function, immune system function, and the synthesis of neurotransmitters like dopamine and GABA. WOMEN’S ESSENTIALS uses methylated and bioactive b vitamins including methylated folic acid and methylated b12 for optimal assimilation and better utilization by the body to ensure you are not just taking vitamins that will have no positive effects.
  • Thyroid Support For Healthy Metabolism, Skin And Hair - If your thyroid isn’t supported, hair and skin health will be compromised along with possible digestion issues, fatigue, and weight gain. WOMEN’S ESSENTIALS provides specially chelated zinc, selenium, iodine, boron, manganese and molybdenum to fully support thyroid gland health including the critical conversion of t4 to t3.
  • Eye Health - Lutein/Zeaxanthin Astaxanthin are a unique blend of carotenoids that support the macula and overall visual function. They have antioxidmt properties to help support the integrity and density of the macular pigment through antioxidant properties. In addition, they help form a protective layer that filters light, maintaining healthy photoreceptor function in the macula.
  • Liver Support And Estrogen Balance - WOMEN’S ESSENTIALS provides phytonutrients in from organic cruciferous vegetables that go beyond a one-time cleanse. Their unique properties provide an organic source of DIM (diindolemethane) to support healthy estrogen metabolism. Many cleansing strategies force your liver to “flush” itself out. Not only is this unnatural, it leads to a variety of unpleasant symptoms. Cruciferous foods support your liver’s natural functions, avoiding those pitfalls.The best way to support your liver, targeting both Phase I and Phase II cleansing reactions. Cruciferous vegetables helps your body to function naturally by assisting your body’s normal antioxidant systems.
  • Stomach Friendly Iron - It’s common for women to be deficient in iron and yet with the harsh and cheap iron formulas on the market they are unable to take them for fear of gi distress and constipation. WOMEN’S ESSENTIALS uses the easier to absorb ferrous bis glycinate. Food fortification reports examining ferrous glycinate chelate have shown that it can be 2.5-3.4 times more bioavailable than ferrous sulfate, with minimal gastrointestinal symptoms
  • Bone Density Support - Having healthy bones is so important for women of all ages. WOMEN’S ESSENTIALS goes beyond any multi by providing critical nutrients needed for healthy bone missing in most formulas. Zinc, copper, c, d, calcium, and magnesium are vital and most multis have them. The problem is they are not easily assimilated by the body.

    WOMEN’S ESSENTIALS uses highly absorbable chelates that make them more effective. Plus womens essentials has vitamin k2, boron, and the much researched strontium to ensure nothing was missing for women to feel good about their bone health.
  • Order Now with Zero Risk - You’re protected by our 60- Day Money-Back Guarantee. Love the results or get a full refund. No questions asked.

Product Facts

  • Packaging: Amber bottle preserves capsules and the environment
  • Serving Size: 3 capsules
  • Number of Servings per bottle: 30

Suggested Usage

  • Take 3 capsules once daily or divided throughout the day with food. For best results use daily.


  • Energy Production Support
  • Thyroid Support For Healthy Metabolism, Skin And Hair
  • Eye Health
  • Liver Support And Estrogen Balance
  • Stomach Friendly Iron
  • Bone Density Support

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Helps convert t4 to t3.


Helps form T4 and protects thyroid gland from damage


Helps convert T4 to T3, helps as antioxidant to protect thyroid gland


Helps convert T4 to T3, helps form TRH


Help release T3


Active component of T4 and T3

Nutrition Information

Serving Size:

3 Capsules

Servings Per Container:


Amount Per Serving: % Daily Value
Vitamin A (as Beta Carotene) 1200mcg 133%
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 250mg 278%
Vitamin D
(as Cholecalciferol)
25mcg 125%
Vitamin E
(as D-Alpha Tocopheryl Succinate and Mixed Tocopherols)
20mg 133%
Vitamin K
(as Phylloquinone)
120mcg 100%
Thiamin (as Thiamine HCI) 15mg 1,250%
(as Riboflavin-5-Phosphate)
10mg 769%
Niacin (as Niacinamide) 25mg 156%
Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxa1-5-Phosphate) 10mg 588%
Folate (as L -5- Methyltetrahydrofolate 800mcg DFE Calcium) (480mcg Folic Acid) 200%
Vitamin B12
(as Methylcobalamin)
100mcg 4,167%
Biotin 1000mcg 3,333%
Pantothenic Acid
(as Calcium-D-Pantothenate)
30mg 600%
(as Choline Bitartrate)
65mg 12%
Calcium (as Calcium Citrate) 50mg 4%
Iron (as Ferrous Bisglycinate Chelate) 18mg 100%
Iodine (from Kelp) 150mcg 100%
Magnesium (as Magnesium Citrate) 25mg 6%
Zinc (as Zinc Citrate) 15mg 136%
Selenium (as Selenium Amino Acid Chelate) 100mcg 182%
Copper (as Copper Citrate) 1mg 111%
Manganese (as Manganese Citrate) 3mg 130%
Chromium (as Chromium Citrate) 100mcg 286%
(as Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate)
100mcg 222%
L-Leucine 50mg
Organic Cabbage Leaf Powder 25mg
Organic Broccoli Sprout Powder 25mg
Organic Cauliflower Bulb/Head Powder 25mg
Organic Collards Leaf Powder 25mg
Organic gorging Nettle Leaf Powder 25mg
Inositol 25mg
Strontium (as Strontium Citrate) 10mg
Lutein 3mg
Boron (as Boron Glycinate) 1mg
Astaxanthin 1mg
Zeaxanthin 1mg
Menaquinone-4 K2 50mcg
Menaquinone-7 K2 50mcg

† Daily Value not established.


Made in the USA under the highest industry standards

Our product is manufactured, boxed, and shipped, in our state-of-the-art US facility and always will be in order to maintain the impeccable quality that you deserve.


We pay money to make sure that every batch meets the highest ethical and professional standards. We are certified by BSCG, the gold standard in supplement testing. Each batch is rigorously tested for over 500 banned substances and contaminants. That means that every women (even professional and Olympic athletes) can take Women's Multivitamins with confidence knowing that each capsule contains exactly what’s on the label, and nothing else.

Free of additives, allergens, and inactive ingredients

You shouldn’t have to compromise with what you put in your body when taking a health supplement. There’s no need to talk about what other supplement companies put in their products to make manufacturing cheaper and faster. Our focus is on you. To help you live a long, healthy life by making Women's Multivitamins as clean as the crystal-clear waters of a glacial lake. That means zero inactive ingredients. No GMOs, no corn, no gluten, no soy, and no mixing agents or fillers.

Synergistic Blend of Many Powerful Ingredients

You won’t find another formula like this on the market because it simply does not exist. Dr Stern spent years researching each and every ingredient to find which ones work best together to maximize your results.

How to Use

Day-to-Day Usage

Daily Usage

Women's Multivitamins works best when taken everyday. Take with food for best absorption.

Maximize Experience

Maximize Results

Women's Multivitamins is an amazing natural supplement to add into your routine to help improve the way you feel. However, supplements are only one piece of the puzzle. That is why I will continue to support you on your journey to great health with e-mails, videos, and other free informative content.

Pairs Well With

Pairs Well With

If you’re looking for an extra health boost, try pairing Women's Multivitamins with our Probiotic formula, Rebalance. Gut health has been shown to play a substantial role in suppressing inflammation and alleviating joint pain.

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