Benefits Of Olive Leaf Extract

Posted by Dmitriy Godzin on



Interviewer:    What are the benefits of aloe weed extract?

Dr. Stern:    There are a ton of benefits. Number one, it helps build the white blood cell count.

Number two, it's a great antimicrobial. Antimicrobials are interesting because when you take things for your immune system, you think, "Okay. What is it going to do?" People don't even know.

"Well, it's good for my immune system."

Well, some things are good for our immune system because they focus on boosting white blood cells. Aloe weed extract is good because it boosts our white blood cell count, it helps white blood cell activity, but it also has antimicrobial effects. It has an effect where it actually kills viruses and bacteria.

And the third thing that I really love is it's a great antioxidant, so it helps squelch free radicals. So, not only is it helping our immune system, not only is it helping kill the bad bugs in our system, but it's also decreasing free radicals which are damaging to our assisting in general.

It really has a trifecta approach, and that's why it had to be in my Resilient Immune Formula.