Is there more cortisol now in our bodies than ever before?

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Interviewer: Why do you think so many people's adrenal glands are so taxed? Why do you believe we're producing so much more cortisol?

And do you think in this modern age, we're producing the most amount of cortisol that human beings have ever produced?

Dr Stern: I don't even want to say we're producing too much cortisol. A lot of times we're producing too much cortisol, but at the wrong times.

The reason why I call my formula relax is because it's important to lower those nighttime cortisol levels. Cortisol should actually be higher in the morning time, and as the day goes along, decrease in time.

But what happens when our adrenal glands get so taxed, is the cortisol doesn't stay high - it actually is low in the morning time, causing fatigue. So when it should be high, it's not high, and when it shouldn't be high at night, it is high.

So our sleep is messed up, we have more fatigue in the morning, and we're now relying on more coffee or different things like stimulants to give us a boost.

Currently, our adrenal glands are more taxed than they've been, because we're under so much stress. Not only are we stressed about our ability to get a job or make money, and the things we need to survive in this world, but also the foods have so much pesticides and genetically modified ingredients.

There's so much out there in our environment that taxes our system, and that places a huge stress on our adrenal glands. Plus computers, laptops, cell phones, all those environmental stimuli puts a lot of stress on our system that we aren't even aware of and that has a negative impact on our adrenal glands.

So our adrenal glands, without a doubt, are more taxed than ever. We work harder, and even people who are healthy, who are exercising, are working and exercising which is taxing our system. On top of that, we're not getting a great night sleeps because we have a cell phone in our hand five minutes before bed, which as you know increases blue light, which messes up our melatonin production, and increases cortisol levels. Our whole system ends up being taxed at such a high degree.

Now, when that happens, when our adrenal glands are taxed and those cortisol levels start flipping, that's the big problem.

It's not necessarily too much cortisol flooded throughout the whole day.

It's the cortisol level inappropriately being released at the wrong times. And so, when we should be energetic, we're exhausted. When we should be relaxed and ready to go to bed, we're wired and it's totally impacting our ability to be healthy and feel our best.

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