What are the benefits of a lemon balm?

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Interviewer: What are the benefits of a lemon balm?

Dr. Stern: Lemon balm is a great herb that reduces anxiety. The one thing with lemon balm is you can become a little depended on it. Also, valerian, which is also great at reducing anxiety can have the same effect.

A lot of people ask me, “You make a relaxed nighttime formula, why don't you use lemon balm? Why don't you use valerian?”

These are things I have used for years in my practice, but chose not to put them in my formula. I found, over the years, that anytime someone really starts to enjoy a formula, it's something they take for a long time, as I do too.

And I don't want someone taking something that they might become dependent on later, even if it's a natural supplement.

I chose to use ingredients that help reduce cortisol levels - holy basil and magnolia - that help nourish the adrenal glands, which allow a proper natural production of melatonin.

So you're not relying on taking a hormone over-the-counter, like melatonin, and your body is naturally producing it to get a great deep healthy sleep. Something else that I use to help increase something called, GABA, which is really the neurotransmitter that causes a relaxation effect and helps reduce anxiety is alanine, which is an amino acid.

By taking amino acid, you're not going to become dependent on an amino acid. It supports that GABA production, so it has that same effect as valerian and has the same effect as lemon balm in reducing that anxiousness. It helps you calm down a little. Helps you relax a little and I just like it much better than lemon balm and valerian.

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