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What else in your body gets harmed by sub-par adrenal performance?

Posted by Dmitriy Godzin on


Interviewer: What else in your body gets harmed by sub-par adrenal performance?

Dr. Stern: The adrenal glands are responsible for so many things, but I'll give you a list, just off the top of my head.

1) Your immune system is affected. You get sick more often.

2) Your digestive system and how you process sugar is affected. Type two diabetes can be produced by improper adrenal function against your ability for insulin to connect to the cells and help with blood sugar.

3) Testosterone production. So what does testosterone help with? Libido, muscle mass, making sure your work outs are good, body repair, for women and men. So that can be impaired.

4) Serotonin production. Your ability to produce the good feeling chemical in your brain. So now your mood is affected.

5) Your thyroid gland is affected. When your adrenals are off, the cortisol is off. Cortisol impairs your body's ability to convert what's called T4 to T3. T3's your active thyroid hormone. So your thyroid is affected.

What does the thyroid do? It helps with body chemicals, controls your temperature, it has effects on your hair, skin, nails, body weight, digestion. So everything's affected.

When your adrenals are off, everything's off.

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