Q1: What is your biggest motivation to start Dr. Stern Supplement Brand?


Q2: What are those fillers you are talking about?


Q3: What are the problems that you want to solve for people and your patients


Q4: What was your biggest challenge along the way to make supplements?


Q5: What are the myths that people have about health and what contributes to those myths?


Q6: Your preservation ... what you attribute to this?


Q7:If someone is going through the difficult period with their health and their mood what is the first thing they should do and where they will find hope ?


Q8:What kind of feedback you got about your supplements and what is the most inspiring story of the results?


Q9:What are some of the results that you've seen in some of yours high level athletes that you worked with after they took the supplements?


Q10:What makes your supplements different from all other companies?


Q11:What is your process like when coming up with a new supplement?


Q12:Your supplements recently got a lot of attention from competitive athletes, cross-fitters and MMA fighters. Why are sports is a good testing grounds for results?