Dr. Stern reveals the secret to having more energy on the mats

Life is just like Jiu-Jitsu.

Ye, you have to know how to Push 100%, but also know how to Relax 100%.

You go to class in the evening and train hard, pushing yourself, testing your boundaries.

Rolling with guys that are gently (or not-so gently) trying to kill you.

The real battle though happens inside your body after you come home!

You see, during the “fight or flight” response of hard training, your body was flooded with the stress hormone cortisol.
Now, what does cortisol do exactly?

Cortisol: rapidly increases heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension.
This is great for fighting your way out when someone is on your back with two hooks in.

The problem is there’s no internal switch to turn off that cortisol after training.

It continues circulating in your body, preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep & slowing down muscle recovery.

What do the top BJJ guys know that you don’t?

Turning off cortisol production is the key to:
  • Faster recovery
  • Easily getting deep, restorative sleep EVERY night
  • Avoiding injuries so that you don’t miss precious time on the mat.
  • Optimizing hormone levels
  • Waking up with more energy and less “brain fog”
Now, What is the best Cortisol-Blocking tool?

As the chiropractor and nutritionist for Top Athletes, Dr. Ian Stern is always looking to push the limits of greatness.

He formulated Relax Adrenal Supplement to be like no other supplement available today.

It gently chokes out cortisol and turbo-boosts your body’s restorative and recovery capability.

  • 9 powerful ingredients
  • Zero additives or fillers
  • Adaptogens that boost your body’s natural function (as opposed to substituting it)


…or see what some World Class BJJ Players have to say about Relax

Phil Balmant (Marcelo Garcia Black Belt and Champion)

“Recovering better from hard training sessions…it’s legit!”

Phillipe Balmant (2014 Pan Am Champ & Marcelo Garcia Black Belt)


Alan Belcher (UFC Veteran and top contender at 185 lbs)

“I feel like an unstoppable train…”

Alan Belcher (UFC fighter)


Brad Nicholarsen (Raphael Lovato Jr. Black Belt)

Brad Nicholarsen (Raphael Lovato Jr. Black Belt)


We GUARANTEE you’ll love it…

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