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Neck and Shoulders

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Proudly Made in the USA
Proudly Made in the USA
100% Money-Back Guarantee
100% Money-Back Guarantee
Over 51,093 Happy Customers
Over 51,093 Happy Customers

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Bulletproof Body Series

Neck and Shoulders Edition

Stabilize and strengthen your neck and shoulder region
Increase pain free range of motion
Support injury prevention
Improve movement efficiency
Speed up healing time in current/future injuries
Facilitate biomechanic efficiency to help with improved productivity in the gym, on the field, or at the desk.

In order to achieve this there is not just 1 exercise or stretch that you can do to achieve this result.

This is a holistic systematic approach to gain optimal function in your neck and shoulders regardless of your chosen activity or practice modality.

Each exercise has been specifically demonstrated so that you are fully aware of how to properly perform the correct movement.

If you are unsure of a specific exercise, we recommend that you use a mirror or a camera to record yourself doing the movement and look for the proper cues.

The course schedule is as follows:
Day 1: Phase Routine
Day 2: Yin Stretching Routine ( Self Massage optional)
Day 3: Phase Routine
Day 4: Yin Stretching Routine ( Self Massage optional)
Day 5 Phase Routine
Day 6: Off // (Yin Stretching Routine and Self Massage optional)
Day 7: Off // (Yin Stretching Routine and Self Massage optional)

For the stability/strengthening/mobility routines we have provided you with
Phase 1: Beginner, Phase 2: Intermediate, and Phase 3: Advanced.

Each phase is designed to be practiced until each movement is performed with 100% efficiency and pain free.

At that point you are eligible to move to the next phase.

Each phase is designed to approximately be used for 2-4 weeks but since we are all bio-individual and at different starting points you might stay more or less time on each phase.


We have also provided you with a specific neck and shoulder warm up routine that could be done before you exercise or even after sitting at the desk all day to loosen up tight and stiff muscles.

Although stretching is incorporated in the stability and mobility phase routines, we have also given you a separate yin stretching only video routine that you could follow at any time you want to unwind, relax, and stretch out.

You will also have a self massage routine video provided utilizing a lacrosse ball to help mobilize and break up fascial adhesions and restrictions.

This can be painful and requires some recovery time so don’t do this everyday.

We are super excited to share this course with you and look forward to helping you build a bulletproof neck and shoulders.

Dr. Ian Stern and Rome Za


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nad R.
More strength, greater flexibility and better posture.

My job involves sitting at the computer and I am on the phone constantly. Over time my posture has gotten out of control. I have an ergonomic chair with an alignment support but it has not helped much.
For many years I had on and off the upper shoulder and neck (towards the side and back areas) pain. In the past I have worked with chiropractors, done massages and had minor relief (for a few days). Over time I simply learned to live with it and saw it as a chronic condition that will never go away. However I learned about Dr. Stern from a fitness trainer who specializes in pilates and stretching techniques. After a few sessions with Dr. Stern we discussed some additional options to add to my routine- one was strength training exercises. The strength training Dr. Stern recommended has helped me tremendously in other problematic areas. For the upper body he recommended the Neck and Shoulder exercise - there are multiple techniques, some in small increments (as little as 2 minutes) and can be performed at your desk while working,  others are longer and better suited for home. The sessions are also informative and educational - Dr. Stern offers some insights so you will get to learn more about yourself and how each part of your body "interacts" with one another.The other great thing about the Neck and Shoulder sessions - it is yours for as long as you want - and it is portable - you can download it on your phone or computer and take it with you whenever you go.
Thank you Dr. Stern and Rome for your guided sessions. My neck and shoulders have improved greatly, I feel more strong and I have a great level of flexibility with a better posture. My arms are also feeling and getting stronger. 

Thanks for the wonderful review, Nad. It makes me smile reading how well my Neck and Shoulders course has helped you. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Saved my neck!

My neck shoulders have been bothering me From when I use to lift weights in higschool through the marines and into my current life. I tried many approach’s and got frustrated with many doctors. This program has given me the relief and hope that I have been longing for. The program addresses many aspects of our anatomy that I could not figure out on my own even with YouTube and google. With love and gratitude thank you doctor Stern for taking the time out of your quarantine to help so many people through this informative and functional program.

That is great! Thank you very much for the review!

Igor Zomin


Thanks for the review! Let us know your experience too and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Gerard Cahill
Neck and shoulder buster

Great new exercises

Thank you!