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I feel awesome since taking probiotics for the past few weeks .... I'm not bloated anymore - Janice T.

The best part is my stomach is as flat as can be.…
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This has saved my life! That may be a little dramatic, but I cannot express a difference I have seen in the last three weeks since starting this probiotic. Immediately, I became more regular and had more energy. Struggling from IBS and an inflamed colon, I haven't had peace with my digestive track in years. Now, it is easier to not only digest a meal but to pass it. I am thrilled. I will definitely continue to take this. Also, the best part, my belly is as flat as can be! I haven't been bloated, AT ALL! It's great. I'm a real human reviewer, not a robot! Get this probiotic. - Lisa O.

The best probiotic I have used!
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The best probiotic I have used! And I have used many! I have an autoimmune disease that leaves me sluggish and fatigued. I've found that this supplement has helped tremendously to get me feeling better after giving birth 4 months ago. I was struggling with even more fatigue than usual as well as anxiety and depression and this probiotic TRULY helped me feel energized again, balanced and healthy. Highly recommend! - Dee D.

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How To Take Resilient Immunity Formula

Posted by Dmitriy Godzin on



Interviewer:    If somebody out there wanted to take your immune formula and they want to get the best results, how will you recommend that they take the formula?

Dr. Stern:    Great question. I just came up with the instructions for the bottle the other day, and it basically says:

"Take one twice a day for maintenance dose," so if you feel great and you're supporting your immune system, take one twice a day.

If you are sick and you're now taking it to help fight an infection, to help support your body deal with a current, active infection, then it's going to be:

 "Take two three times a day." Always with food for this product.

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