Benefits Of Oregeno Leaf Extract

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Interviewer:    What are the benefits of Oregano Leaf extract?

Dr. Stern:    Oregano Leaf extract is very similar to Olive Leaf in that really it has a three-pronged approach that makes it so beneficial.

Number one, it supports white blood cell activity. Our white blood cells are what kill the bad bacteria and viruses. It supports that white blood cell activity and production that will help keep us healthy.

Number two, it has actual antimicrobial  properties and it has actual abilities to kill viruses and bacteria. When there’s a lot of that in our system, we're actually killing the bad bugs. Not only is it supporting our white blood cells in a general way, it has specific antimicrobial activity in a more specific way.

Then the third thing, it's a great antioxidant. Antioxidants are nutrients, like vitamin C, that decrease free radical damage in our system.

When we're living, we're breathing, whatever we do, we're creating the free radicals. That's what breaks us down, causes degeneration, basically causes aging and Oregano Leaf extract has the ability to help decrease that degeneration process.

Interviewer:    Stay young forever.

Dr. Stern:    Right.