Benefits of Echinacea Extract

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Interviewer:    What are the benefits of Echinacea extract?

Dr. Stern:    Echinacea is great at supporting white blood cell activity, and by supporting white blood cell activity, it helps prevent us from getting sick in the first place. There are a lot of studies that people who take Echinacea on a regular basis get sick less often.

And what's great about Echinacea is it's natural, super healthy, and has no side effects. There are no negative ramifications to taking it, and so when you're taking Echinacea on a regular basis, you're boosting that white blood cell count, and you're decreasing your chance of getting sick.

The Echinacea that I use in my Resilient immune formula, is an extract, which means I've taken the specific component of it that makes it so powerful, and have brought it down to its essence, and that's what's in my formula. So, it is super healthy and Echinacea is amazing for the immune system.