How To Improve The Immune System

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Interviewer:    What are some things that we can do to improve our immune system and strengthen it?

Dr. Stern:    Make sure you have a healthy microbiome  and that means making sure that your digestive tract has enough good bacteria because those good bacteria are a huge factor in our immune system health.

Number one, make sure we have healthy digestive track that has good healthy bacteria so that our immune systems is nice and strong.

Number two, I like to do things that support immune system function. I came out with my own new supplement that I'm happy to say, targets a lot of different aspects of the immune system.

First, it increases white blood cell activity, meaning it's going to raise some white blood cell numbers, make some more viable and stronger.

Second, it has an antimicrobial and antibacterial effects, meaning you will target certain bacteria and viruses that don't belong in our system and came on.

Third, it helps what's called white blood cell communication. Not a lot of people know this, but our white blood cells, our immune system is like a team and they talk to each other. When there's a virus or bacteria somewhere its like, "Hey, come here. Help me out."

White blood cell communication is critical to helping our body kill viruses, kill bad bacteria, and keep our body at healthy level.

I came out with this product that contains five organic mushrooms, so super pumped about that because mushrooms have something called Beta glucan.

A Beta glucan helps that cell to cell communication, it helps that ability for our immune system to function as a cohesive team to make sure we're not missing a bacteria virus in the system, and it helps to decrease our ability to get sick.

Plus, it also enhances our white blood cell activity, and it also has Astragulas, Echinacea, Elfin and Oregano.

Those four herbs have been shown and proven in thousands of studies to dramatically increase our immune system function. I personally love this formula, I think it's going to be amazing for people.

I think it's a game changer, and I think it's going to really jack the immune system up, and allow people to be able to perform at a high level, and not worry about getting sick from the demands of placing on the bottom.