Resilient Immune Formula

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Interviewer:    Why is the Resilient Immune Formula so special, and why does it work so well?

Dr. Stern:    You know I look at big picture and small picture. So number one, you want to make sure that you have the proper number of white blood cells. So, the ingredients that I've put in there support white blood cell growth. It makes sure that the white blood cells are healthy and viable.

Number two, you want to make sure that the white blood cells are active. That they're targeting the bad bacteria and viruses that are in your system.

Again, the nutrients that I have in there support white blood cell activity, to make sure that they're targeting what needs to be targeted, and it prevents these organisms that don't belong in your system that will cause us to get sick from being productive.

And then number three, every great immune system acts as a strong team. The white blood cells, the immune system itself, communicate with each other and that communication really is an ultimate factor on how healthy an immune system is.

I have five organic mushrooms in my Resilient Immune Blend. And those have Beta Glucan in it. And Beta glucan has been proven to have incredible effect on white blood cell communication.

My other nutrients – Astragulas and Echinacea - are great for boosting the immune system. The Olive Leaf and the Oregano, which are great at acting as anti-microbial, have a lot of anti-bacterial benefits. It's a synergistic formula that's working on multiple levels of the immune system. So not only is it going to help you if you're sick, it's going to help you not to get sick.