What are some effects that you notice in your patients after starting to take the Adrenal Formula?

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Interviewer: What are some effects that you notice in your patients after starting to take the Adrenal Formula?

Dr. Stern: Number one, they get better night sleeps, that's automatic.

Number two, they wake up more refreshed, more energized. Their repair process is more functional, so they're going to the gym the next day and training harder, because, now, they've had a great night sleep their body is healing faster.

So, now, they can train harder without the negative impact of heavy training. You know what heavy training can do to somebody.

Interviewer: For sure.

Dr. Stern: Great story; I have a patient who came to me the other day. She's getting married this summer and she's like, “I can't believe it. I love your Relax Formula."

I thought, “Okay, she's going to tell me she has more energy the next day. She's training better, because she exercises.” I thought she was going to tell me she's sleeping great. I thought all things I've been hearing.

And she's like, “I had adult acne from the stress the wedding was putting me under and it went away."

It relaxed her system. It supported her adrenal glands. Her cortisol levels are now functioning at a proper level. Her immune system is functioning better.

Her skin actually cleared up, just from taking the Relax Formula.

Interviewer: That's great.

Dr. Stern: It has the benefits of all the things I said. I hear better sleep, better energy, better exercise, but it also has better skin.

So there are so many things that can happen when you support the adrenal glands, you support a really healthy night's sleep, and you decrease that stress hormone - cortisol. There are many healthy things that can happen. So there are the usual benefits and then there are the ones on the second tier, that you don't even think about.

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