What else can start healing in your body once the adrenal glands have repaired themselves?

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Interviewer: What else can start healing in your body once the adrenal glands have repaired themselves?

Dr. Stern: 1) Your digestion will be better, so you'll absorb nutrients better. So now, everything you're eating will function for you at a better level because now your digestion's better.

2) Your immune system's better and you're healthier so that you're going to get sick less often. If you get sick less often, obviously...

Interviewer: You'll train harder.

Dr. Stern: You train harder. You can do anything better.

3) Your thyroid works more efficiently.

4) You're producing more serotonin, so you feel better. You're happier.

5) You're producing more testosterone, so you're getting injured less often. You have better muscle repair, protein synthesis. You feel stronger, better workouts.

6) Better sugar control. Now you're not craving sugars as much. You're able to stay on your diet if you're trying to eat healthy, stay lean, good proteins and fats and healthy carbohydrates. Now you're not craving all these negative sugars because your adrenals are better balanced. You're sleeping better. You're getting better repair from your deeper, healthier sleeps.

Interviewer: These are all first-level things. That's not even counting second-level things where your relationships improve because you have all these other things going on. Your memory's going improve.

Dr. Stern: Of course. I mean basically, the healthier you are, the better your performance, whether it's in the gym, whether it's in your office, it doesn't matter. You're going to perform better when you feel better.

Interviewer: Or the bedroom.

Dr. Stern: Well, like I said, more testosterone.

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