What Is L-Glutamine?

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Interviewer:    What's the purpose of having L glutamine in your formula?

Dr. Stern:    Probiotics are obviously critical for your health. I always tell people probiotics are more than just for digestion. They're incredible for your immune system. 70% of our immune system takes place in our intestinal track. Good bacteria are the main part of that. When you take this probiotic, you're going to reach for it because you probably have some type of digestive issue.

Well, if you have a digestive issue and you have inflammation in your intestinal walls, most likely there's some damage to the lining of those intestinal walls. These bacterias that you're taking in supplement form might have difficulty in colonizing in your system.

You're taking them and then they're just going out the other end. What you need is you have to also repair your intestinal lining. Now I can't depend on someone who's reaching for a probiotic, who might not know a lot about nutrition to say, "Wait. I also need to repair my intestinal lining."

What I did to my formula was I put L glutamine in there. L glutamine is a critical amino acid that's completely responsible for helping repair this intestinal lining. If you reach for a probiotic, you grab my probiotic, you're taking the good bacteria and you're seeing benefits, not only are you getting benefits from the good bacteria, but you're also getting benefits because the L glutamine is helping repair that intestinal lining. It helps reduce inflammation and makes you feel better, and allows the bacteria I'm giving you to colonize better and live better in your system.