Different Probiotic Strains

Posted by Dmitriy Godzin on



Interviewer:    What's the difference with all these different probiotic strains? What's the purpose of having, ten or eleven, five or six strains?

Dr. Stern:    Different organisms affect different parts of our bodies. Some organisms might affect the salivary, the oral, our mouth. Some will affect our esophagus, some affect our small intestines, large intestines.

There are some strains that have been proven to be better for the vaginal area or urinary tract. So, I put in a multitude of strains to make sure different aspects of the body are hit. And also, you want to make sure that when you're taking these probiotics that you're doing a synergistic blend, because you don't want to over populate one species vs. another.

So I like the synergistic blend not only to affect different parts of the body, but to emulate nature and make sure the body's getting a number of different species just the way it would need or get in nature itself.