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I feel awesome since taking probiotics for the past few weeks .... I'm not bloated anymore - Janice T.

The best part is my stomach is as flat as can be.…
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This has saved my life! That may be a little dramatic, but I cannot express a difference I have seen in the last three weeks since starting this probiotic. Immediately, I became more regular and had more energy. Struggling from IBS and an inflamed colon, I haven't had peace with my digestive track in years. Now, it is easier to not only digest a meal but to pass it. I am thrilled. I will definitely continue to take this. Also, the best part, my belly is as flat as can be! I haven't been bloated, AT ALL! It's great. I'm a real human reviewer, not a robot! Get this probiotic. - Lisa O.

The best probiotic I have used!
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The best probiotic I have used! And I have used many! I have an autoimmune disease that leaves me sluggish and fatigued. I've found that this supplement has helped tremendously to get me feeling better after giving birth 4 months ago. I was struggling with even more fatigue than usual as well as anxiety and depression and this probiotic TRULY helped me feel energized again, balanced and healthy. Highly recommend! - Dee D.

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Benefits Of Astragalus Root Extract

Posted by Dmitriy Godzin on



Interviewer:    What are the benefits of Astragalus Root extract?

Dr. Stern:    Astragalus, like all of my nutrients in my Resilient formula, is a natural herb. I used the extract form to make sure I'm getting the most potent version.

Every herb has constituents that make it more potent. For example, turmeric has curcuminoids. You could do a turmeric powder that has a small amount of curcumin, and you're not gonna really see a great anti-inflammatory benefit.

That's why you could go buy a big jar of turmeric for $6, and these capsules you buy cost $50. It's because if you take all that turmeric and extract it to get all those curcuminoids, now you're gonna have a much more supercharged benefit for what you're taking in the first place.

The same thing with Astragalus. I use an extract in my Resilient formula to make sure I'm getting the most potent form to allow the herb to do what it's supposed to do.

And getting back to your question, Astragalus boosts the white blood cells, makes your body more effective at reducing illness.

And it works two ways. Number one, it helps support the white blood cells in your immune system to prevent or to help support you from getting sick. And number two, if you are already sick or have an infection, Astragalus helps support the system to help fight that infection.

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