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I feel awesome since taking probiotics for the past few weeks .... I'm not bloated anymore - Janice T.

The best part is my stomach is as flat as can be.…
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This has saved my life! That may be a little dramatic, but I cannot express a difference I have seen in the last three weeks since starting this probiotic. Immediately, I became more regular and had more energy. Struggling from IBS and an inflamed colon, I haven't had peace with my digestive track in years. Now, it is easier to not only digest a meal but to pass it. I am thrilled. I will definitely continue to take this. Also, the best part, my belly is as flat as can be! I haven't been bloated, AT ALL! It's great. I'm a real human reviewer, not a robot! Get this probiotic. - Lisa O.

The best probiotic I have used!
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The best probiotic I have used! And I have used many! I have an autoimmune disease that leaves me sluggish and fatigued. I've found that this supplement has helped tremendously to get me feeling better after giving birth 4 months ago. I was struggling with even more fatigue than usual as well as anxiety and depression and this probiotic TRULY helped me feel energized again, balanced and healthy. Highly recommend! - Dee D.

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What are the benefits of zinc? And why is zinc orotate superior to other types?

Posted by Dmitriy Godzin on


Interviewer: What are the benefits of zinc and why is zinc orotate superior to other zincs?

Dr. Stern: Zinc is great for your immune system, your thyroid gland,your adrenal glands, your muscle mass, it's great for bones, it's great for hormone production. Zinc is super important for a million things.

When I was making my Adrenal Repair Formula, it was obviously automatic that I was going put zinc in there. It needed to be put in there. The question then, as a supplement formulator, is what form of zinc am I gonna put in there?

And so what's interesting is, if you look at all these formulas, there are these things called heliates. Basically zinc has to bond to something.

In my case I used zinc orotate, but it has to bond to something to get into our system and then our system cuts that heliate off, basically dissects it. So it takes the zinc and it uses it for one thing and then it takes the orotate, or if you're using another type of heliate, it puts it somewhere else.

And so the reason why I use zinc orotate is because it's the most bio-available form of zinc you could use.

So there are a lot of zincs out there that are very cheap and are very hard for the body to take and actually utilize in a functional manner. So not all zincs are equal.

Zinc orotate, because it's super bio-available, gets you all or most of the zinc that you can get from a supplement, absorb it and make sure that it's getting to the right place.

Now you have this second molecule, orotate (also is known as oritic acid) actually has been shown to have health benefits in the body by itself.

So there are some companies now trying to make just orotate as a nutrient, and so I get two for one. Not only am I getting the most bio-available form of zinc, I'm also getting the oritic acid to be used to help your body function better.

And for my magnesium, I use magnesium taurate. Now, in my nighttime formula I use something called ZMA - zinc, magnesium and B6.

You look at any ZMA on the market, you're gonna see magnesium aspartate. That's the most common form. It's also the cheapest form of magnesium and very hard to process, but if you do process it and then you slice it, now you have aspartic acid.

That's a neuro-excitotoxin. So here is a formula for you to relax and have a deeper sleep and it’s giving you a heliate that produces a neuro excitotoxin, that's not what should be going into your system.

So, I worked with my manufacturer and we came out with magnesium taurate. Now taurate, when you split it, becomes tauramine, which is amazing for your cardiovascular system.

Again, like the zinc orotate, not only am I giving you the zinc and in this case the magnesium, I'm giving you the heliate that now will have a second benefit to your body and not another type of heliate that not only will be harder to digest and absorb, but also might be something in you system that you don't want.

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